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Dazzling Properties Ltd :

  • Finds great deals for investors and for landlords
  • Offers potential residential letting property investors the opportunity to achieve best returns on their investments with the minimum of effort.
  • Removes the hassle from residential letting.

— Dazzling Properties


Our criteria for great deals are:

  • We select properties in good condition
  • Minimum of 4 lettable rooms
  • Management team for your needs
  • Properties ideally situated and close to the nearest town centre

We source and locate properties to meet these criteria. We carry out due diligence on the property and ensure that it is priced correctly, comparable with the local market. We contact local letting agents and investors to assess rental demands, rental income, and competition in the area so we can find the best properties and locations.

For HMO’s, (houses of multiple occupancy), we obtain estimated quotes from our builders for the conversion costs to make the property compliant with licensing rules. These quotes are estimated only and should never be mistaken for a final figure for conversion.

We will confirm with the local authority the license fee (if required).


This service makes renting easier and more secure for landlords. DPL manages the property and guarantees the rent:

  • We ensure that our landlords receive their rent on time and are safe in the knowledge that the property is in safe hands.
  • We ensure that landlords understand the benefit of guaranteed rent.
  • We negotiate and liaise with the landlord concerning the property for rent.
  • We sign a contract for 3 - 5 years and manage the property for the landlord.
  • We offer guaranteed rent, paid on time, each month.
  • Subject to a reviewing and safety certificate, we become the tenant.
  • We conduct inspections on the property regularly in order to ensure that it is well maintained.


  • Our serviced apartments are a great cost-effective alternative to a hotel
  • Businesses man save money by renting them for their staff
  • Business travellers really appreciate the homely and flexible nature of the apartments making their stay away from home more enjoyable.
  • DPL ensure that the serviced apartments have all the amenities of home and 24/7 care to support with any little issues.

Experience/qualifications – We like to express ourselves, and that is not something we will look to change, also we believe all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them...


We are Manchester-based but operate throughout the UK to find the best property investment for you.

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